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Friday, August 17, 2012

Podcast Episode 5: Everything's a Mess

Our fifth episode is complete, and they keep getting better! This will be the last episode until September 1st, so enjoy!

Episode 5: Everything's a Mess (Click the link)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pictures to go with the podcast

Here are some pictures to go along with the podcast! Enjoy!

Greatest Olympian ever??
Walsh/May Treanor killing it (again)
One of Missy Franklin's 4 golds
Katie Ledecky... 15-year-old gold medalist
One of the most amazing gymnastics feats I've ever seen
Gabby Douglas is a boss!
Who will be better?
Hall of Fame Game
Is this the year of the Duck?
Can Penn State recover?
Who will be this year's Appalachian State?
That sums it up nicely
We don't like Soccer...
Notre Dame = French origin...

Bryan Bennett and Marcus Mariota ]
Yet another reason to hate ND

This sums up our feelings towards ND

Podcast Episode #3: The Notre Dame Fighting Garbage

Here is Episode 3 of the podcast! Check out the post right after this to see pictures of what we talked about.

Episode 3: The Notre Dame Fighting Garbage (Click the Link)

And the Contest Winner is...

The contest is officially over, and the winner is Rachael Bohning!  We loved Rachael's logo idea from the moment we saw it and it will be the logo of The Playbook.  The drawing for the t-shirt will occur later tonight and we will announce it when it happens.  Thanks for all the submissions and tune in tonight for the next episode of The Playbook Podcast!